Learn more about Alajuela

In the central sector of Costa Rica, lies the beautiful city of Alajuela. Surrounded by lush mountain landscapes and fertile valleys, Alajuela offers an authentic Costa Rican experience. Its rich heritage is reflected in the colonial architecture of the Alajuela Cathedral and the historic Municipal Theater, which transport visitors to bygone eras.

Alajuela also presents an industrial and commercial scenario of utmost importance for the country, with immediate access to the Juan Santamaría International Airport. This area not only has a healthy commercial life, but also many opportunities to expand businesses.

This city is known as the “City of Mangos”, due to the abundance of these delicious tropical fruits that grow in the region. Additionally, its proximity to the airport makes it a convenient gateway for those exploring the natural and cultural beauty of Costa Rica. With its mix of tradition and modernity, Alajuela invites travelers to immerse themselves in its authenticity, discover the kindness of its people and explore the treasures that surround it, from the majestic Poás volcano to the coffee plantations that characterize the region.